We strongly believe in sustaining our environment’s future. Implementing the usage of reusable power on commercial properties tends to be a major part. Provided that the sun is present in the sky, we are dedicated to assisting businesses decrease their energy bills and carbon footprint.
What Are Commercial Solar PV Systems?
Solar electricity is a simple, maintenance-free, and reliable energy source. Solar cells are connected together to form PV module, group of such PV modules forms PV array. The PV arrays can easily be mounted on the roof tops, ground racks, poles, or integrated in commercial building itself.
The Direct Current is produced when sunlight shines on the PV array. DC power is then sent to power inverter wherein it’s converted to the Alternating Current. This AC power is dispatched to your key electric panels where it’s distributed all through your home and is utilized in the same manner as energy bought from electric utility. When PV system generates more electricity than used, the excessive electricity is sold to electric utility back and distributed all through the grids.
If you’re interested to know more about the commercial solar systems, please call us. We will answer all questions that you have about solar power, photovoltaics, solar PV, solar panels, PV system, etc.

Commercial solar panels




Is a Solar system correct for your commercial businesses?
To get started, just answer these questions:
•    Do you’ve a roof which faces from southeast to southwest? Is the roof flat, with space to mount the solar panel?
•    Is the roof available to sun or are buildings, trees, or obstructions interfering them? Can such obstructions be removed from there?
•    Is your roof in good shape or new? Your PV systems will last for nearly 25 years or even more, therefore it has to be installed onto a roof which will not have to be replaced in a few years. Lots of commercial buildings either have a tar rubber/ flat roof or metal roof with pitch. These both are perfect scenarios for installation of a solar system.
Commercial Panels Installation
Now the next step here is to call us so that we can carry out a site survey, where we collect information to plan for most effective system to fit in your requirements. The installation procedure is as below:
•    Determine if the commercial solar energy is correct for you.
•    Find out the best location, size, and positioning of your PV arrays.
•    Confirm the incentives and rebate that you can anticipate.
•    With a signed agreement, we submit rebates application.
•    Once rebates have been approved, we’ll start the permitting procedure and order equipment.
•    Install equipment, test, and facilitate inspections.
•    Complete installation with a client education on the system specifics that include starting, shutting it down, and emergency processes.
If you hire our company to perform the solar installation for you, you’ll get superb services from fully insured and licensed solar power experts. We are dedicated to utilizing our solar energy expertise to not just serve our environment, but to also serve you as well as your business's needs for an alternative power solution.